About us

About us

We are furniture professionals who have been designing and making bespoke furniture for discerning customers for more than 20 years.

aegistra ltd  is a company set up by Luke Hughes and Company and OPM Furniture, each of whom has been an industry leader in bespoke furniture design and manufacture, working on some of the most prestigious projects in the UK and abroad.

They saw how difficult it was for customers, and how long it took them, to find furniture which matched the quality of design and build set by the bespoke furniture they made. 

They set up aegistra to offer exceptional furniture, hand-picked by experts with an in-depth knowledge of the furniture business, from top designers, at competitive prices and with a purchasing experience that combines convenience and simplicity, on-line over the internet.

So aegistra selected designers who we know and trust to help customers save time with a short cut to a collection of furniture which matches with our design and production values and save money by using the Internet to reduce the cost of sales and marketing, to allow us to provide exceptional value by passing these saving to our customers.  

We’re proud to offer contemporary and classic designer furniture from carefully selected leading brands. 

aegistra's portfolio includes both classical and contemporary furniture sourced not only from Luke Hughes and Company and OPM Furniture, but also from trusted partners who we know well and have worked with for many years

See the products on offer at aegistra.com here