Environmental Policy

We share the present concern about the destruction of forests across the world and the use of timber from un-sustained sources. We will not use any endangered species. We have a strict company policy to buy solid hardwoods from suppliers who derive their raw material from forests managed to Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC) or equivalent standards, where replanting and controlled felling are part of the overall plan.

We support all progress being made towards environmentally sound Forest Management in line with the principles adopted by United Nations Conference on Environment in 1992 and actively encourage our suppliers and customers to do the same.

We believe it is important to support the responsible companies within the industry who are ensuring timber supplies for the future.

We consider environmental impact when making any decisions in our work. All our production meets E1 standards of ultra-flow formaldehyde emissions.

We actively support tree-planting schemes, and are members of Woodland Heritage Trust which actively encourages the planting of new and renewed woodlands.

We liase with our suppliers to help to promote a consistent, sustained and environmentally sound policy within our trade.

We endeavour to reduce consumption of energy, and recycle materials wherever possible. When our team installs furniture at your site, we will remove and take away all the packaging for recyling. All our aluminium products are manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium scrap.

We encourage the development of good trade practices by all our employees.