Our designers

Our designers

We are proud to feature the work of some of the world’s leading designers. They include:

Alejandro Zaera Polo - Dynamobel

Burkhard Vogtherr - Girsberger

Carlos Tiscar - Girsberger

Design Concern - Magnus Olesen

Dieter Stierli - Girsberger

Emilio Nanni - KI

Flemming Busk and Stephan Hertzog - Magnus Olesen

Giancarlo Piretti - KI

Jonathan Prestwich - OPM furniture

Ernest Race - Ernest Race Classic Collection

Mathias Seiler - Girsberger

Jiří Pelcl - TECHO

Luke Hughes - Luke Hughes & Company

Lluis Peiro - Dynamobel

Mario Ruiz - Dynamobel

Marianne Mueller - Hitch Mylius

Matthias Demacker - Hitch Mylius

Niels Gammelgaard - Magnus Olesen

Niels Jorgen Haugesen - Magnus Olesen

Nigel Coates - Hitch Mylius

Olaf Kneer - Hitch Mylius

Paul Brooks - Boss Design, KI

Pelikan Design - Magnus Olesen

Rene Hougaard - Magnus Olesen

Rud Thygesen & Johnny Sørensen - Magnus Olesen

Simon Pengelly - Hitch Mylius

Tomoko Azumi - Luke Hughes and Company



Alejandro Zaera Polo


Alejandro Zaera Polo is a contemporary architect and co-founder of London-based Foreign Office Architects. Alejandro Zaera Polo’s London-based firm, Foreign Office Architects (FOA) is recognised as one of the most creative design firms in the world, deftly integrating architecture, urban design and landscape architecture in their projects.



Burkhard Vogtherr


Burkhard Vogtherr

Burkhard Vogtherr was born in 18.04.1942 and is one of the Germany's most well-known furniture designers. He has recieved numerous prestigious design awards. His talents are many and diverse: From beds and upholstered furniture to office furniture. He has designed furniture series for a wide number of manufacturers in Europe, Japan, and the USA.



Carlos Tiscar 



Carlos Tiscar

Carlos Tiscar received his degree in industrial design in 1982 from the Applied Arts School in Valencia and then continued his studies at Milan´s Polytechnic School of Design. In 1991, he became a founding partner of the consultancy Gesto Design Management, and in 1993 he opened his own studio, which has developed projects in different areas, ranging from office stationary design to staging exhibitions. He currently designs furnishings for homes, offices and facilities as well as serving as art director to certain clients.


Design Concern


Design Concern was founded in 1992 by Lone Storgaard (1962), who is an architect specialized in industrial design. Furthermore she has a Ph.D.-degree in research and development of user-friendly products.

Design Concern has a holistic design approach, the key words being people, design, technology and visions. They have specialized in transforming knowledge to user-friendly, innovative and not least sustainable and producible solutions that work.



Dieter Stierli

Dieter Stierli

Dieter Stierli trained as a cabinetmaker in Basel before attending an arts and crafts college. Later on, he became more involved in industrial design and was self-employed for a time before joining Girsberger. There, he spent over 30 years designing numerous chairs and tables for offices and living spaces before retiring in 2010. He was also responsible for developing the company's corporate design


Emilio Nanni

Emilio Nanni

Emilio Nanni Born 1955 in Brazzano (Bologna) Graduated in Architecture in Firenze in 1984, where he also taught from 1990 to 1998.

The Studio Nanni since 1986 has been working in Interior Design, Architecture, Industrial Design, Art Direction and image consultancy. It has worked for the most important Italian companies, such as Atelier, Bross, Cabas, Curvet, Guzzini, Maxid, Mdf Italia, Tonelli, Valadier, and Zanotta. A number of prizes were awarded, and his activity was recognized in a number of architectural magazines, and the participation to many conferences and exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.


Flemming Busk and Stephan Hertzog


Flemming Busk (1967) and Stephan Hertzog (1969) established their successful studio in Denmark in 2000 and today they are the most award-winning Danish designers of their generation. Busk graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 2000 and Hertzog graduated from TEKO-Center Denmark (Garment Engineering) in 1989 and later on acclaimed as designer (MDD).

Busk’s and Hertzog's design characteristics are sculptural, clean lines and a simple expression with minimal embellishment. Any decoration usually serves a function or is integral to the furniture. They often get their inspiration from shapes and lines found in nature.


Giancarlo Piretti

Giancarlo Piretti

Giancarlo Piretti was born in Bologna in 1940. He attended the State Institute of Art in Bologna, where he obtained the title of Design Teacher.

He later worked as an interior designer for Anonima Castelli and designed home furniture series, office furnishing systems and the legendary award-winning Plia chair. During his twelve with Castelli, he developed countless innovated furniture designs primarily in the field of chairs.



Jiří Pelcl


Prof. Jiří Pelcl (born 1950), studied architecture at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and furniture design at the Royal College of Art in London. He first caught the public eye with the establishment of the art group ATIKA in 1987, which became known for its extravagant furniture designs. Three years later he established his own studio ATELIER PELCL. Jiří Pelcl is engaged in industrial design. He designs furniture and interiors, glass and porcelain for a number of companies. 

For his contribution to international design and education he was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2006 from the University of Brighton in Great Britain. In the same year he was awarded the National Design Award and the award Form 2006 in Germany.

Jonathan Prestwich


Jonathan Prestwich spent six years as chief assistant to German designer Burkhard Vogtherr in France. He managed projects ranging from residential furniture for Arco (NL) to office furniture for Fritz Hansen (DK) winning ‘best of Neo Con’ and the ‘Red Dot’ design award, amongst others.

Since 2003, Jonathan has lived and worked in London as an independent design consultant. He has worked with several respected furniture products, including OPM Furniture, researching and developing new products.


Ernest Race


Ernest Race was one of the most inventive and challenging exponents of mid-century British design. Race’s highly personal design vocabulary, at it’s height in the immediate post-war period and at the Festival of Britain of 1951, was a fluid, skilled, and at times eccentric synthesis of Modernism with Victoriana, and of mass-production with intelligent improvisation. Race’s single most important contribution to modern furniture design was his articulation of the transition from the theoretical rigour of pre-war Modernism to the accessibility and optimism of post-war Contemporary.


Mathias Seiler


Mathias Seiler, born in 1963, studied industrial design at Hamburg University of Fine Arts. He has worked as a product designer for various renowned furniture makers, including Sedus, and has received several awards. Since 2010, Mathias Seiler has been Head of Design and Marketing at Girsberger.


Luke Hughes


The guiding principle of Luke’s design work revolves around his considered view that great buildings have little use without furniture, yet inappropriate furniture can ruin a great building.


Lluis Peiro


Lluís works investigating and realising all things related to the creation of office space for Dynamobel S.A. while also working as architect and lecturer at Barcelona's prestigious Elisava School of Design, without doubt one of the most important focal points of design in the world.


Mario Ruiz


Award winning designer and the mind behind some of Dynamobel’s emblematic products, Mario says, “what motivates me is the chance to create something which can be appreciated and used.”. In 2003, the publishing house Actar released “Mario Ruiz/Costa Design”, the first monograph on his work.


Marianne Mueller



Marianne was educated at the Technical University Darmstadt, Germany and the Architectural Association in London. She worked with ‘CHORA’ / Raoul Bunschoten and established ‘Mueller Kneer Associates / Architects’ with AA graduate Olaf Kneer 1997 in London.


Matthias Demacker


Matthias Demacker was born in 1970 and studied design at FH Niederrhein in Krefeld. During this time he worked for several design offices in the field of exhibition design. After graduation he moved to Munich to work for different design studios, where he designed for companies like Ideal Standard, Bene and Interlubke. In 2003 he set up his own studio - DEMACKERDESIGN.


Niels Gammelgaard



Niels Gammelgaard (1944) is the co-founder of the Pelikan Design and has graduates the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1970.


Niels Jorgen Haugesen


Niels Jørgen Haugesen (1936) was trained cabinet maker in 1956 and graduated from the Danish School of Arts, Crafts and Design in 1961. Haugesen was employed by Arne Jacobsen (1966-71) and in 1971 he opened his own design studio - from 1980-95 in cooperation with Gunvor Haugesen. Since 1976 Niels Jørgen Haugesen has been a teacher at The Danish Design School.


Nigel Coates


Nigel Coats

Nigel Coates was born in 1949 and trained at the University of Nottingham and the Architectural Association. Coates is one of Britain’s consistently original thinkers in architecture, interior and product design having led a parallel career in teaching, design practice and artistically driven, internationally recognised work.


Olaf Kneer


Olaf Kneer was trained at the University of Dortmund and the Architectural Association. He worked with Ian Ritchie and Llewelyn-Davies before founding Mueller Kneer Associates in London in 1997 with Marianne Mueller. Olaf is a member of the Newham Design Review Panel which evaluates and provides independent and professional design advice on key developments in the Borough, including the construction of 50,000 new homes 25 major regeneration projects.


Paul Brooks


Paul Brooks

International furniture designer, Paul Brooks graduated from the RCA with a degree in Furniture Design before joining the design team of Robert Heritage, OBE RDI, in 1983.

Paul established his own design practice in 1988 after five years working on diverse projects.  He has since worked for a host of UK, as well as other European furniture manufacturers and has become a well established figure in the design community with many highly successful creations to his credit.



Pelikan Design


Pelikan Design was co-founded in 1978 by Niels Gammelgaard (1944) and Lars Mathiesen (1950). They are both architects by education from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1970 and 1977 respectively.
They have worked within a broad spectrum of industrial design and designed hundreds of products ranging from small pencils, children's tricycles, hospital beds to furniture.


Rene Hougaard


Rene Hougaard (1978) is architect by education from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 2003.

The same year he established the furniture company Dnmark, which has created a number of design products causing sensation in Denmark as well as internationally. The Dnmark furniture designs are rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition but with a new angle with an international touch. In 2008 Magnus Olesen took over the furniture company Dnmark. Since then Rene Hougaard has worked in different design studios.

Rud Thygesen & Johnny Sørensen


Rud Thygesen (1932) and Johnny Sørensen (1944) both graduated from the Danish School of Arts, Crafts and Design in 1966 and the same year they opened their own design studio.

Thygesen and Sørensen have contributed considerably to the development of furniture in laminated and moulded wood and designed some of the most successful Danish furniture. They have also designed tubular steel furniture and worked with the design of textiles, lightings etc.


Simon Pengelly


Simon Pengelly

Simon started making furniture in his father's workshop when he was eight years old, going on to win national competitions for cabinet making.

The practical experience and an affinity with materials and processes, gained from an early age, are central to his design work and service.

Understanding manufacturing culture and possessing knowledge of markets is central to his work with manufacturers such as Hitch Mylius.


Tomoko Azumi


Tamoko Azumi

Tomoko Azumi is the director of T.N.A. Design Studio, in London, that is a furniture, product and exhibition design consultancy for multinational clients.

She graduated with an MA Furniture Design from Royal College of Art in 1995 and now she is a project tutor at the Design Products Department at the same institution.